The decision to build a log home came slowly, after considering many different construction types. We inspected a variety of structures including conventional frame, conventional with log siding, and full log construction.

Once we chose full-log home construction, it was clear that a particularly skilled and creative contractor was necessary. We chose Ken LaCoy Construction for the general contractor and finish work, and Mark and Karen Rosen to prepare the logs. We have never regretted either of these decisions. Each has been reliable, honest, timely, creative, and flexible.

Our home has been entirely individualized by us with the contractor. The foundation and basement were prepared while the Montana logs were hand hewn, scribed, and provisionally assembled. Once the foundation and log structure were both ready, the logs were transported to our building site, and reassembled there.

The structure was then completed by Ken LaCoy Construction. This was as painless as home building gets! Great communication and reliable work was the rule.

Our home has great craftsmanship including handcrafted log stairs and railings, chainsaw carvings on stairposts, fieldstone fireplaces made of stone from our hometown, and an indoor spa. Many signature touches were added, often on-site with the lead carpenter, demonstrating the flexibility and creativity characteristic of the LaCoy team. We recommend Ken LaCoy Construction without reservation!